The Baltic Notebooks of Anthony Blunt
Detox Siblings
It’s time to detox. I like this word because it supposes that we can talk about both the accumulating toxicity in the body and the toxic contexts. Welcome! A lot of us here come from aggressive environments. Come on in! There are no surprises here. The body recycles its surroundings, until they become part of it: resins, microplastics, internalised oppression, trans fats and other fine particles. Time won’t heal us, we have to heal ourselves*. Detoxing is a charlatan practice of mine and an inaccurate notion at that. This pdf publication logs the details and progress of a test.
Anastasia Sosunova (b. 1993) is a visual artist living in Vilnius. Sosunova has a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic art and a Master’s degree in Sculpture from the Vilnius Academy of Arts and has also participated in Rupert Alternative Education Program. She has participated in exhibitions in Europe and the US, exhibiting her work in both artistic institutions and non-institutional urban and natural locations. The drawings and writings of “Detox Siblings” stand as poetic extensions to Anastasia’s practice. Within, the author and artist forages for an ethical posture ― one where we can collectively be more permeable to the many lifeworlds around.