The Baltic Notebooks of Anthony Blunt
Laimonas Briedis. Vilnius City of Strangers

A book presents the history of the capital city of Lithuania from its 14th century legendary beginnings up to 2009, when Vilnius bears the distinction of European Capital of Culture. Besides applying the traditional apparatus of historical investigation and referring to a large amount of sources, the special feature of this book is the ample quotes from travelers who passed through the city during their own life journeys. This list ranges from known artistic giants (such as writers Dostoyevsky, Ostrovsky, Tolstoy, Döblin, and Brodsky) through political and cultural icons (such as German general Ludendorff and the Emperors Napoleon and Alexander), to equally compelling forgotten European personas who mark entire generations back to the 14th century.The subtitle refers to the fact that until quite recently, ethnic Lithuanians rarely formed the majority of the inhabitants of Vilnius.
Laimonas Briedis is a cultural geographer, who received his degree at the University of British Columbia.