The Baltic Notebooks of Anthony Blunt
Artist Parents (I-VI)
newly discovered
Leonardo da Vinci
the years
confirm the obvious
my little girl, my
wealth and that
which was never written
"after I saw this, I immediately cut
all my shirts in half"
all this progress, body
it is calling for me, calling
and how could I reply
avoid your questions
Dear father,
dear only one
imagine this fearsome creature
stopped by flowers
keys dropped in the dark, room sentence
before the entrance to the vault
and then laughter
became part of the law,
and law became
part of the furniture
go to your room
and don't eat don't cry don't come out
don't come out, now come out
and eat, don't cry or cry just cry
it's ok, don't come out to eat,
stay in your room or don't
go out, we will, bye bye
no cry, and you may you may not
it is ok, now come
out and eat, cry and bye, etc.
"you do not need to leave your room
remain sitting at your table and listen
do not even listen, simply wait
do not even wait, be quiet and solitary
the world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked
it has no choice, it will roll in ecstasy at your feet"
the wind in the desert has a name
and you are a sculpture
in the halls of anachronism
I never made you, you made yourself
and I brought truism, frustration
this is how simple it gets
one day and then (never) again
the wind in the desert has a name
and I guess you should have one too,
known by few, forgiven
during the Lithuanian artists' parents meeting organised by Darius Mikšys