The Baltic Notebooks of Anthony Blunt
Songs From the Compost
The book is as much for your eyes, as for your ears. I placed two songs inside.
The songs are love letters to Octavia E. Butler and Lynn Margulis. To read Butler is to become intimate with the other, the alien, slime, to fall in love with and find tenderness in monstrosity, tentacles and the unfamiliar. It’s a long stretch of imagination across that spans ideas of shapeshifting, telepathy, interspecies pleasure sharing and practices of healing and care. To read Margulis is to get become acquainted with different bacterias merging together, forming new organisms and to joinjoining communities of ‘translucent worms sunbathing on the surface of water’. Reading them is like re-writing the inherited visions of gender, time, humanness, individuality and opening up to other ways of sensing and seeing things.
Please use headphones or external speakers when listening.
Eglė Budvytytė is an artist based in Amsterdam working at the intersection between visual and performing arts. In her vocal or choreographic performances, she draws out relationships between bodies and their environments, whether she’s exploring codified behaviours in public spaces or plying the boundaries between the human and non-human. Her work was shown amongst others at Lofoten International Art Festival; Block Universe festival, London; Art Dubai Commissions; Liste, Art Basel; 19th Biennale of Sydney; De Appel Arts Centre, Amsterdam; CAC, Vilnius; and Stedeljik Museum, Amsterdam. Eglė was resident at Le Pavillon, Palais de Tokyo in Paris (2012) and at Wiels contemporary art centre in Brussels (2013).