The Baltic Notebooks of Anthony Blunt
Valentinas Klimašauskas. Alfavilnius
Antibook. An evil twin brother of Godard's Alphaville published by Kitos knygos 2009

It's an antibook! It's a fiction! It's a theme park and a fairground!
Alfavilnius is a place where a cyborg of lithuanian origin wanders and tramps around the world of ideologies, simulacra, PR, fantasies, desire and power show offs. The story doesn't start from the beginning as the book has swallowed the cover inside itself. A fancy inside-out-rough-paper layout echoes the cut-and-paste experiments of Valentinas Klimašauskas writing. With his best regards to William S. Burroughs, Jean Luc Godard and Henry Miller.
Valentinas Klimašauskas is a writer, art critic and curator, that has been working in CAC for years.